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Carboflotta Group Milestones

Carbofin S.p.A as a mother company of the Group was established as a shipping company in the late fifties and has owned several different types of ships (bulk carriers, tankers, chemicals, gas carriers, supply vessels etc.) through the different operating companies of the group.

Piroscafo Pertusola

The Carboflotta Group has the synergy necessary to comply with the requirements of international partners and the management is particularly service-oriented, in order to co-operate with companies operating in the marine business

1910 - 1955

BiboliniThe shipping business, started by Senator Giovanni Battista Bibolini in 1910, is divided among four  families in the 1955: Telesio, Lolli Ghetti, Bibolini and Cao di San Marco.
The Telesio and Lolli Ghetti families jointly managed a fleet composed of three tankers and four bulk carriers initially, then three new 18.000 DWT bulk carriers are ordered in a joint venture with VAN OMMEREN Group, as well as later three bulk units of 25.000, 35.000 and 45.000 DWT respectively.

Anna Bibolini


Separation of the families, with parting of ways between the Telesio-Filippi and Lolli Ghetti families.
The Telesio-Filippi family controls a fleet composed of six bulk carriers and one tanker.


Entry into the chemical sector of two 3.000 DWT carriers both with stainless steel tanks.
Starts the co-operation with GAZ OCEAN, which later leads to the setting up of a 50/50 joint venture and the development of an important gas carriers fleet, reaching an outstanding rank in the European area of the LPG players.
During the following decade the TORRICELLI (1.500), VENTURI (2.500), AVOGADRO (5.000), CARDANO (5.500), CASALE (15.000) and EUCLIDE (4.500) are acquired, while in Italian shipyards the GALVANI (4.000), FERMI (7.500), LAGRANGE (31.000) and, in 1982 the VOLTA, (8.000) are built.


The chemical sector gets stronger with five new constructions between 1975 and 1983, all from Italian shipyards, 7.500 to 12.000 DWT, all with stainless steel tanks.


The product carrier LERICI, 24.500 DWT, is built (a twin tanker of AGIP NAPOLI and AGIP PALERMO) which will then be sold in 1995.


Leaving the bulk sector and reinforcing the gas sector by acquiring the residual 50% share of the joint venture with GAZ OCEAN.


Entry into the AHTS sector with two newly built supply vessels , ARCOLA and CADIMARE. This offshore business ends in 1991.

1992 - 2003

The gas sector is further developed through two  newly built semi-refrigerated 16.500 cbm. Begins the co-operation with the NORSK HYDRO Group (after Yara), which grows gradually stronger until the birth of the CARBONOR joint venture. In the meantime, three new carriers are built: SOLARO, 37.000 cbm fully ref., in 1996, PERTUSOLA and MARIGOLA, 18.000 cbm semiref in 1999 at the FINCANTIERI GENOVA shipyards , while MAROLA 37.000 cbm fully refrigerated is delivered at the FINCANTIERI ANCONA shipyard in November 2003.


We acquired the tanker fleet division of ENI Group, including ships and personnel. The acquisition leads to the establishment of a new company named Carbofin Energia Trasporti, with the task of operating its own tanker fleet and on behalf of LNG Shipping, four LNG carriers with a long term management contract. LNG Shipping is a 100% owned company of the ENI Group.

The experience of Carbofin Energia Trasporti (formerly SNAM and later ENI Gas & Power) in the shipping industry dates back to the early fifties and over time the Company has built and managed several product carriers, crude carriers, LNG and LPG carriers, FSo & FPSo, supply vessels, crew boats and supporting offshore vessels for companies of the ENI Group such as AGIP, SAIPEM etc.



The gas sector is further developed.

Carbonor acquires from AP Moller-Maersk the two fully - refrigerated 37.000 cbm gas carriers Maersk Jewel and Maersk Jade, time-chartered respectively with Maersk (subchartered to Koch) and Petrobras.


The Company performs shipboard safety, quality and environmental audits to ensure the vessels meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly delays and detentions.

With our official training partner LITAV (Advanced Maritime Training Center based in La Spezia – Italy) we provide for a full range of training courses  specially tailored to LPG and LNG ship crew, improving safety, quality and environmental standards.


Carbofin acquires full control of LITAV maritime training center.


Carbonor is merged into Carbofin.