Vision and Mission

The way we sail: Our Vision

Our long tradition in shipping is based on the values ​​at the heart of our family and our company. We believe in a strong link between social and environmental respect and commercial results. Therefore, all our vessels (built for us or bought from first-class owners) meet standards of excellence.

The structure of the Group allows us to be flexible, react to market opportunities, make quick decisions and respond to client needs. Customers can always interact directly with top management and Shipowners.

Our business philosophy is built on experience and tradition, safety and transparency, with a constant commitment to developing a healthy and collaborative work environment.

The Company, having adopted a strict policy of “zero spills at sea“, aims at eliminating at the origin any possibility of pollution, ensuring the maintenance of high standards in terms of safety and the environment, in compliance with the international laws, regulations and convention.

Through an ongoing commitment the Company aims at constantly maintaining its primary objective:



Safety and Quality


All our vessels are subject to constant monitoring in order to guarantee their compliance with all IMO and MARPOL regulations, as well as all the international regulations and conventions.


In order to guarantee maximum possible service for maritime transport, Carbofin directly manages and controls every aspect of Ship Management through its own Crew Department, Technical Department and its Safety, Quality and Environmental Department.


Organization, Management, and Control Model

Environmental protection and management

Linee guida aziendali per l'utilizzo

Legislative Decree n. 24/2023

Integrated Management System

The Group constantly works towards keeping the workplace at the highest industry standards.


Our Integrated Management System is developed with an approach based on the accurate analysis of the processes involved in the business, with the aim of identifying, improving and maintaining a dynamic organizational model. This allows simplified, quick decision-making processes with the implementation of consistent preventive and corrective action plans.


The constant measurement and analysis of performance indicators and the implementation of relative corrective actions, along with continuous internal inspections, both on board and ashore, allow the steady improvement of the company in terms of health and safety, social responsibility and stakeholder satisfaction, as well as ensuring compliance with all the numerous national and international regulations.


Our constant effort in keeping always the highest standards of quality and safety.


  • ISO 9001 – Gestione della qualità
  • ISO 14001 – Gestione ambientale
  • ISO 45001 – Gestione della salute e della sicurezza sul lavoro

Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability


In 2022, Carboflotta Group embarked on an exhaustive, committed path to strengthen its sustainability governance, consolidate its in-house corporate culture and measure and communicate its ESG performance, and the environmental, social and economic value generated for internal and external stakeholders.


This Report constitutes the first outcome of this process and is the result of an in-depth assessment of the Group and a categorisation of all the work already done in terms of sustainability. In September 2022, we launched the process of materiality analysis – internal and external. This will allow us to identify and prioritise the issues on which Carboflotta’s first Sustainability Report will be based.


Around 70 Key Performance Indicators are monitored quarterly

Most of the KPI are per Bimco – Shipping KPIs definition

Senior Ship’s staff is actively involved in the PI collections

Most significant KPIs are discussed by Senior Management quarterly