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Social Media Policy

The Company, aware that the use of social media (or social networks) has become an important communication tool and may constitute a factor of business development, hopes to optimize opportunities resulting from these new technology platforms, but obliges all its employees, at all levels, to minimize the potential risks that may arise from the improper, reckless, or insensible use of the same.

For this reason, the Company:

  • acknowledges its employees’ rights to use social media, but, for its part,
  • reserves the right to hold its employees responsible for any financial or reputational damages that may derive from the improper use of social media, contrary to the Code of Ethics or to the Company's rules, both during and outside of regular working hours.

Seeing as customers, competitors, employees, and other third parties may have access to "personal" information and may learn of the social network user's affiliation with the Company, even if said user does not make direct references to it, the Company has deemed it necessary that all its employees adhere to the following general rules:

  • use common sense and discretion even when discussing company concerns about which you believe you are expressing your personal point of view;
  • remember that the following activities are prohibited:

- discussing subjects that concern confidential information of the Company; and,

- publishing or disseminating documents, photos, videos, images, or any other material that is the property of the Company or attributable to the Company's business.

  • be open and honest about your affiliation with Carbofin S.p.A., especially in relation to relevant topics of discussion;
  • if you wish to express your status as an employee of Carbofin S.p.A., make it clear that your ideas and opinions are personal and do not in any way represent the opinions of the Company;
  • always keep in mind the Company's ethical principles and corporate standards, which must be adhered to in online activities, as well:

- protect the Company's confidential information;

- respect the privacy of customers, colleagues, independent contractors, and business partners;

- reject any form of discrimination;

- report to your Department head and/or to the Supervisory Board any comments (both positive and negative) found online, that concern the Company, its employees, or its activities.

  • In the event that you are called on to engage in activities on social media on behalf of the Company, you must:

- verify that you have the appropriate level of authority to engage in such activities on behalf of the Company;

- be honest and transparent about your role and responsibilities within the Company;

- follow all of the instructions provided by the Company.