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Safety and Quality Policy

This policy refers to the ships managed by the Carboflotta Group, formed by:


CARBOFIN S.p.A. will be hereafter called the “Company”.

The Company, conscious of its responsibilities, assures its commitment towards safety and health on the workplace.

The Company working in a scenario of international competition, has to pay the greatest attention to satisfy the needs of every single customer.

The Company establishes that all operations carried out by its personnel, both ashore and on board, will emphasize its commitment to the following management priorities :

  • prevention of physical injury and loss of life;
  • prevention of damage to property;
  • management of Vessels and safe, efficient transport of the cargoes in accordance with the terms of the signed contracts;
  • maintenance and improvement a safe working environment on board and ashore;
  • keeping technical and operational efficiency of its Ships at the highest possible level;
  • protection of vessels and crew from illegal activities;
  • maintenance and improvement of the level of customer satisfaction and the efficiency of the managerial system for quality-environment;
  • guarantee of the observance of the laws, of the rules and regulations applicable to the courses of the Company.


The efforts of the management staff to these priorities will help to achieve the higher goal of the Company, or